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The iPhone or iPad must be on the same wireless network as the Mac running iTunes. I found a good article by Matt Neuburg on TidBits. On the Mini I use the free software Audacity to capture the audio stream, clean up the data, and create MP3 files I can put into iTunes.

El Capitan's built-in audio driver works fine. These are not expensive, and DVDs look very good.

Connecting a Mac Mini to a TV via HDMI

It doesn't seem to be as sharp as the upscaling dedicated DVD player though. It would be possible to copy the content of a DVD to the hard drive, but unless you crack the copy protection, it won't play. Haven't tried this. We stream movies from Netflix onto the big TV, using the app built into the cable box, or via the Mini. We can also stream video from Amazon Prime via the cable box or the Mini. We started with Comcast cable. Comcast swapped the boxes and charged us a few dollars extra per month.

The packages available were either very expensive with lots of channels we never watched, or much less expensive but with only a few channels. Where we live, we can only get three channels over the air, and there's only one cable TV provider. Recently we eliminated our land line and got an Xfinity triple play package from Comcast.

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It has many more channels, landline number stays the same but comes over the cable wire, and Internet speed is higher. I signed up for a trial subscription to Sling TV. I didn't continue with Sling when the trial ran out. Some of the issues we had were:. Dec YouTube TV was announced about November , as a service that would provide a group of live TV channels, including broadcast channels, sports, and movies, via streaming over the Internet. I tried it out and was disappointed. All TV channels were at most p. That is, not HD: Not what I expected. It turns out that Apple has not published the interfaces that would enable showing HD content to external monitors.

They keep these for themselves. This probably explains why Sling TV was unsatisfactory. Don't bother with pirate web sites that promise to stream sports events and movies, ignoring US copyrght restrictions. Some of them demand that you disable ad blockers, and then blast your browser with pop-up windows that are hard to get rid of, advertising gambling and fantasy football sites. Other pirate sites will tell you your Flash plugin needs to be updated, and if you click on their buttons, install malware.

Sites vanish when enforcement actions take them down; often they reappear with slightly different names. It also lets you subscribe to a lot of streaming services, some requiring additional fees. It will show your pictures stored in iCloud or in the iTunes library of a computer on your network.

Ultimate Mac mini Setup - 2018

The AppleTV will store photos, in case your router can't connect to the Internet. There were rumors that Apple would sell a TV service package in that included about 25 channels, including broadcast channels and live sports.

Check whether you can play audio from your Mac on your TV

This didn't happen. Roku seems to be oriented toward current popular movies and TV series.

Hulu interpolates ads into its movies, even if you pay for a subscription its ownership just changed and Hulu may change as a result. There is also Apple iTunes video streaming. It seems to be oriented toward playing movies stored on the Mac, but it does have music and picture display abilities. On the TV, make sure its set to "dot by dot" or whatever setting correctly maps the pixels 1 to 1. In other words, all zooming and other resizing features must be off.

On my TV, the setting is called "view mode", and I cycle through until "dot by dot" is selected. Brian Ashe. This page explains why, sadly, a TV will never look as good as a monitor, when hooked up to a computer. Long story short, lots of legacy TV and broadcasting baggage means a "television", even with a nice, perfect, digital HDMI connection, won't ever be sharp.

Does not the 'detect display's button in system preferences automatically determine the screen dimensions necessary? Detect displays did nothing. I tried all of the preset aspect ratios and none of them fit properly. I am looking for possibly a third party software method. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Mac mini Model A 2, 2.

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