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Fix for keyboard unresponsive problem when playing Minecraft game in Macbook Pro? Installed Minecraft game in my Macbook Pro and recently I am facing some issue with it whenever I open the game application and try to run it the keyboard become unresponsive and I am not able to do anything. What might be the problem? Have anyone faced this issue before? Can you please give me the advice to fix this problem?

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Join Date Nov Posts Re: Fix for keyboard unresponsive problem when playing Minecraft game in Macbook Pro? Hi friend, You can easily fix the keyboard unresponsive issues while playing the games in macbook pro.

For playing the games y ou should connect the keyboard to mac or you should set the keyboard settings in game options after opening the game or if any problem in keyboard then you can change the keyboard and try. If damaged then buy new keyboard. Thank you Join Date Nov Posts 1, Hello friend, I have the solution for your problem just do as i say Firstly check that your keyboard is working fine.

You try to test in the normal desktop. If it works there then the problem is not with your keyboard.

Game Controls in Minecraft

If the settings of that game has been changed then only this type of problem occurs. So please open the game.

Then you go to the 'Options' and then go to the 'Settings'. There you go to the 'keyboard settings'. There you change the settings if you feel need.

Fix for keyboard unresponsive problem when playing Minecraft game in Macbook Pro?

At last click on 'OK'. All the best Dark knight Array. The game pauses only in SinglePlayer mode , and the Game menu opens. You can also close menus and other in-game screens. Your avatar moves forward when you hold down this key. Double-tapping the W key makes the character sprint — and makes the avatar hungry. Your avatar looks around.

Debug screen (15 shortcuts)

Your avatar jumps over 1 block at a time. Use this control while moving to make your way around rough terrain or jump over gaps.

Jump while sprinting to leap over a great distance! Your character attacks in the direction of the crosshair in the middle of the screen. Tap the button to punch nearby entities, or hold down the button to break nearby blocks.

How to Play Minecraft - Minecraft Controls Tutorial - Computer (PC - Java Version) - Part 1

Your character moves more slowly, but cannot walk off edges. The Chat menu opens. Type a message, and then press Enter to talk to friends in multiplayer worlds or implement cheat commands. Click nearby blocks or entities with the middle mouse button to put them into the bottom row of the inventory, possibly replacing the selected item. It works only in Creative mode.

Minecraft PC Mouse Control