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So what gives? Doing this shows options for selecting an output device, as well as an input device, and if you have both an HDMI device connected, as well as headphones or speakers, you should see both of them in the output device list. This is done with the following steps:.

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HDMI port: Mini DisplayPort: Turn on the HDMI device. Use any of these methods to open Displays preferences: Press Shift-Command-A to open the Applications folder.

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To control the audio from a Mac the presenter would need to walk to the wall and control the volume from there. Presenter with a PC just uses the volume control on the laptop. Hmmmm yes this is a good design choice — read lots and lots of sarcasm. The use of HDMI implies digital transmission of the audio signal. A digital audio signal is a digital signal; ie you cannot change the amplitude volume in terms that someone like you will understand.

Doing so would defeat the entire purpose of digital signals; they are transmitted in as close as possible to a bit-perfect manner. Being able to change the volume on your mac would consequently require an amplifier to bring the signal back up to line level later, as such introducing noise hiss. Thank you so much for the information you posted.

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Connect to HDMI from your Mac

While I now know how to change the audio settings to record say, a Skype call on my mac, how do I go about setting it up elsewhere? You can do it from your Samsung remote controller as following:. Highlight the HDMI input. And voila you have crystal clear text just as on DVI. I know I have to switch the output audio to samsung while screen mirroring to get the sound thru the TV but nothing is showing.

I doubt My Macbook Pro is the issue….. If I spend more on a better adaptor will I have the same problem? Name required.

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