Cant play dota 2 on mac

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Same problem can anyone help? Robin3sk View Profile View Posts.

Can you run Dota 2 on Mac?

Valve needs to look into this. Arktos View Profile View Posts. Can't even open up Dota 2 I guess. Any fixes?

Dota 2 finally arrives on Mac

I had this problem a week ago or so and fixed it by switching to the steam beta, but it's back again now and nothing I do is helping at all clearing download cache, reinstalling both steam and dota, switching to and from steam beta, restarting laptop :. This is so annoying. Just for clarity's sake, what operating system are you all running?

I myself have not updated to High Sierra yet as I needed more space and just now purchased an external hard drive.

I'll try updating to High Sierra and seeing if that helps. Let me know what you guys are on. Best of luck. Originally posted by Arktos :. Originally posted by hpl- :. Fiskarna View Profile View Posts. This is not only a mac problem. I am having the same issue on Windows Made a post on dota forums here.

Last edited by Fiskarna ; 21 Feb, am. It's weird to me how this problem seems to be very localized as there is not a popular reddit page about it and there wasn't last time I had this problem either happened last Thursday update for me as well.

Dota 2 on Mac: Can your Mac run it? | Mac Gamer HQ

I'm very interesting to see what the common denominator is between us then if it's not Mac OS Per page: 15 30 Of course, I don't play much. Seems fine to me my framerate is at least 30fps on average if I make sure to disable anti-aliasing. I think I disable one or two more graphics options I think one is ambient creatures , but I can't remember at the moment. I would think that your machines would play the game better than mine.

Dote Night: Possibly The Worst Dota 2 Setup On Earth

It plays like garbage on Mac, because the drivers for Mac OS X are trash, and don't have the optimizations you see in the Windows drivers. For example, there is no way to enable SLI processing on the Mac. It drops to ish fps when all 5 or more heroes are casting spells at the same time on the screen.

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The desktop PC handles everything at max settings. The GTX also has a 2nd display connected to it, at x resolution, which is running a Google Hangouts video chat at full screen. The only time I've seen the gaming experience on the PC running the GTX come was when I tried to run fraps while playing at 4k and also having Google Hangouts video chat running on a 2nd screen. Resulted in 30fps in the game. Linux performance is comparable to Windows, although it may be a hair more compute intensive on Linux.

As of Ubuntu The same hardware with Windows works fine.

Dota 2 on Mac: Can your Mac run it?

The Mac has zero gaming capability, and I was extremely disappointed with having to install Windows to get the most out of the system. I realize this information is late, but it may help people avoid an expensive mistake as shopping kicks into high gear this holiday season. I get between 30 and 60 fps most of the time, with all options enabled except ambiant occlusion and antialiasing which doesn't work. VSync is enabled because, for some reason, I get some weird stuttering without it even when the fps counter says it's above