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If there's any question about my problem, do feel free to ask!!

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Thank you. Reply Share. I forgot to attach the picture i think, here it is. Hi Saif, Hotkeys may work. Pershendetje , si mund te funksionoje formula ne excel pa i dhene save , sepse nuk e shfaq veprimi e kryer pa dhe save. Hi Rakesh, All of methods introduced in the article are very easy. Is the VBA necessary?

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How do i divide the one entire coloumn filled with number by or any number witout creating nother coloumn? Hi, How can I do sum of two different column with formula?

Like I want to sum of A1 and D1 and getting answer on F1 then which formula apply? This tip helps me to save a lot of time in work. I will share with my colleagues! Thank you a lot for sharing! This instruction is very useful for me! It helps me to save a lot of time in work! Thank you a lot! Hi, I am trying to do a similar thing, but with letters. I am researching and trying to complete the civil aircraft register for the UK.

Is there an easy way of drag filling letters rather than numbers? As I have to manually fill each cell at the moment, which is very laborious. Thanks in advance, Lawrence. I want to show a certain row with a specific word in it, in a specific sheet by the help of a drop down. Please let me know if any one knows the answer ASAP!!!!

Tastenkombinationen für Tabellendokument

You can achieve the same thing by double clicking on the little square on the bottom right of the selected cell. Please i need help. How do i hide my formulas in my workbook.

Excel für Mac: Zeilenumbruch einschalten

Presently, the cells either show the formula, zero or NA. I don't want any of those to show until i have values for linked cells or columns. I'm guessing you have divided by 0 or something and want those cells to be blank. Click OK. You are now back to your column.

Click the delete key and they are now blank. But i want the total the below colum with out dragging when i enter the date.. It just repeats the values, not the formula. I have to manually type in the formula in each cell. Please tell me the correct way of repeating a formula down a column.

This is helpful, HOWEVER, when you copy down formulas through the whole column, it makes the spreadsheet have thousands and thousands of rows.

Delete all the rows below your active range, e. I am copying formulas down a column of rows. The column cells do not change automatically. I have to manually change dx to dy etc. How do I do that? Hey, I am trying to create a spreadsheet, I want the numbers to go kind of like back to front?

I have got another spreadsheet that does do this however I cant remember how it was done and cant find out how to do it anywhere. I know I didn't explain that very well but does anyone know what I mean? I have a totally off topic question How did you get the cool bit looking color depth in the office graphic? Is that just a byproduct of the png rendering?

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