Fleetwood mac goodbye baby tekst

Thanks, Christopher, for posting them.

Fleetwood Mac - Goodbye baby lyrics

This just breaks my heart, and although I'm so glad that it's going to be on the album, I truly hope no one bothers her wanting an explanation as to what these words are about. Angela, I too found myself holding back the tears when I read the lyrics.. Yipes, if she sings this with just the slightest emotion, I will be a heap on the floor as I pretty much am now after just reading it.

I love this demo so much and listen to it often.

I do, however, hope someone asks her what this son is about as I think it is mostly about when they took Rhiannon's baby from her in the legend. I know others have their opinions, but this one is my opinion. Although, I must say that if it really is about what most people think it is about I am treading carefully here , then I hope no one asks her, because that would be rude. Will April 15, ever get here????? Last edited by strandinthewind: Wow those are some sad, powerful lyrics. I now have a soaking wet paper towel in my hand I hope this is sparse and acoustic!

What a lovely melody. For once I'm crying because Stevie's lyrics are good!! Bella Figura.

Goodbye Baby lyrics

Hi Angela, please pass the Kleenex this way 'cause you know I'm right there with you The Tower demo has always had such personal meaning to me that I'm am both happy and heartbroken that it has finally made it to an album. It is so mournful that it hurts to listen to sometimes but sometimes you prick a wound to see if it still bleeds and I will happily reopen my pain for such a beautiful song.

Nicks www. Find all posts by Bella Figura. Hey, Bella. I think I'll just order the Kleenex through the company themselves, cause I'm gonna need more than this small town can supply.

Goodbye Baby Lyrics

You are so right, though FM and especially Stevie have helped me through so much I know this song will, too. Now I'm gonna go listen to Stand Back or something equally as rocking I've managed to depress myself. There are some incredible songs on Say You Will. Hope April 15th comes quickly as I am getting very excited about hearing these songs!

I am soooo happy that is is confirmed! This has always been one of my favorite demos - but so, so sad. Stevie's voice in the demo sounds so tragic and mournful. It makes me cry when I hear it. I am sure Lindsey worked his magic on this one and it will be really overwhelming to hear them sing this together. Hurry up April 15th!!!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one at the monitor bawling I had to sit and think about it before I opened this.

I didn't know if I wanted to know yet or not, but I couldn't put myself through it. I agree with Bella Figura about being both excited but heartbroken.

I think "Goodbye Baby" will take me some getting used to. Ask a single mother I figure this is going to be a Landslide type effort, with just Stevies vocals and Lindseys acoustic. That's what Neil pretty much said on his site, and seeing as it's the last track and following Say Goodbye, it probably will be.

Hey, hope im not bursting your bubble, BUT I have a friend who "knows people" and its definetly NOT that song Who Knew?

"Goodbye Baby" lyrics

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