How to change printer settings on mac to black and white

All of the major printer manufacturers still sell black and white laser printers, and they are very common among businesses that do not need to do a lot of color printing.

Setting a printer to default to B&W in Mac OS Lion an Mountain Lion

However, if you do not have a black and white printer and either want to print in black and white to save color ink or produce a different effect with your documents, you can typically change printer settings to black and white to accomplish this goal. Your Windows 7 computer includes a Devices and Printers menu that is the starting point for almost any change that you need to make to the way that documents print from your computer. This task is no different, so open the Devices and Printers menu by clicking the Start button at the bottom of your screen, then clicking Devices and Printers at the right side of the Start menu.

Right-click the printer from which you want to print a black and white document, then click the Printing Preferences option. Until this point, the process will be the same for any printer installed on your computer.

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However, from here on out, there may be some slight differences between this tutorial and the method for your specific printer. Each printer manufacturer has their printing preferences configured differently, and many also use a different preferences menu for each of their printers.

But once you are on this menu you should be able to locate the option you need to modify. I have included two examples below. You can find the necessary setting on the Canon MF by navigating to the Quality tab at the top of the preferences window.

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One component of this framework is Quartz Filters, which give programs the ability to use centralized filters somewhat like plugins, and apply these filters to most graphic content rather easily. Alternatively, you can simply use a laser printer which only prints in black and white. This is a good idea if you mostly print text and can live with the occasional gray scale only picture.

Resetting the Printing System in Mac OS X - HP Printers - HP

If you have the space, you could even have two printers and use whichever one is appropriate at the moment of printing. Problem solved. Love it.

Good grip all year long. But I do purchase the better paper for the inkjet to help prevent color bleeding into the little valleys that are so typical on basic copy paper.