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She plumped for the inch MacBook, but said that some people really do prefer the more compact nature of the Pro's keyboard. I like machines that don't break down and I've been very lucky with Apple products over the years, as it simply hasn't happened.

I began: "I hear people are complaining that these keyboards get dust inside them and start playing up. Well, I've been reading that some people are saying that their keys are behaving erratically. It is, though, unusual to hear of so many complaints, even after Apple said it had addressed the dusty issues. How many customers does it take for a hardware issue to become a real hardware problem?

Is it in the tens, the hundreds, or the thousands? It isn't as if the complainers are holding their MacBooks wrong. They're complaining about something fundamental. You might expect that Apple's sales staff would be prepared to answer questions about that. If it's a big concern, that is. Just as I was leaving the second Apple store, I remembered to ask the salesperson about the iPad Pro's screen.

Which Macs are affected?

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Apple's butterfly-keyboard issues affecting MacBooks: a timeline - Business Insider Deutschland

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Get a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, or other peripheral working again

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Apple Wireless Mouse and Keyboard not Connecting? Easy Fix Tutorial!

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MacBook keyboard and trackpad not working? Try these troubleshooting tips

It also just happens to resolve many of the issues covered in the speed up section of this site, so Download CleanMyMac to get your Mac back up to speed today. Maybe your Mac is no longer recognising your external Bluetooth or USB keyboard, or perhaps your built-in keyboard has stopped working completely? The keyboard is one of the main ways that we interact with our Macs, so regardless of whether the issue is related to a single key or your entire keyboard, problems with your keyboard can quickly render a Mac completely useless.

Once this accessibility feature is enabled, tapping any of the number keys will move the cursor rather than print the associated number — probably not what you had in mind! Slow Keys is an accessibility feature that requires you to hold each key for longer before macOS registers it as a key press.

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If the external keyboard in question is a USB keyboard, then you should work your way through the following list of fixes:. If in doubt, then always play it safe and take your Mac to a qualified professional. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.