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The most recent Mac update was over four months ago, and the Mac mini has been unchanged for over a year. Does running OS X system maintenance routines really do any good?

And the point is? Mac malware count reaches 3, desktop PCs making a comeback, Mac mini in the living room, and more , Mac News Review, A year ago, the Mac version of VirtualBox lacked some essential features. The worst depreciation afflicts high-end models. Virtual PC works with Leopard, Intel vs.

Mac mini Server (Mid 2011) Technical Specifications

Neither does Leopard. Windows on Macs: Three paths for integration , Jason Packer, Macs in the Enterprise, Mac users have three routes for running Windows apps: Also Power Mac vs. Also using a computer display with HDTV and cleaning your keyboard in the dishwasher. Intel mini vs. Used Intel Mac mini vs. Also the rate of Leopard adoption, Adobe launches free Photoshop Express, Mac mini media center, and more. Power Mac G5 vs. Also iMac vs.

Cross-platform computing: The box and manual say nothing about Mac compatibility, but this 18x USB 2. Readers weigh in on the pros and cons of the Mac mini — and whether Apple should replace it with a more expandable Mac. Also 15 years of ThinkPads, reliability and all-in-one devices, and thoughts on upgrading operating systems.

Does a college freshman need to run Windows on a MacBook? Can you put 3 GB in a Mac mini? Looking for a virtualization solution for your Intel Mac? The latest beta of VMWare Fusion makes several improvements and includes some unique features. Geekbench scores make it possible to compare the newest 3 GHz 8-core Mac Pro with the 1. If you need to run Windows apps on your Intel Mac once in a while, CrossOver may be the least expensive way to do so since it eliminates the need to buy a copy of Windows.

With 1. Parallels Revisited: To AppleCare or not to AppleCare? Consumer Reports, which generally recommends against extended warranties, says AppleCare makes sense. But does it? By adopting industry standards, Apple has made it much easier for Mac owners to add memory, expansion cards, and faster CPUs to their computers. Pre Software: If you work with software that predates the Intel transition, you may be better off sticking with PowerPC Macs.

And if you use classic apps, you definitely want to avoid Intel. Drive matters , Dan Knight, Mac Musings, But how can a rpm drive ever outperform a rpm drive? Boot Camp: NewerTech miniStack: Two very good, nicely priced keyboards for the Mac — one even has a USB 2. Choices for the budget conscious , Hardy Menagh, Empowered, How to add a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and stereo sound to your Mac mini for little or no money.

Apple Specs for Mac mini Server Mid searchword: Like this: Like Loading Donations Donations Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. This has saved me hundreds, perhaps a few thousands of dollars at a time when business is tough. I can also use the Mini as a second Mac processor. The four USB ports are quite handy. I paid a handsome price, but still saved a few hundred dollars and have an Intel I7 machine. Buy Mac Mini Server It represents better performance than model. I purchased this machine for professional post production facility. This specific computer is now serving our editing suite sound and running Pro Tools HD We increased the RAM to 16 GB and now it performs really fast and able to deal with pretty large track count projects.

Great value for money!

And it has two rpm hard drives! Better than later mac mini rpm. I ordered this Mac with great anticipation because it would satisfy my many diverse needs and it had gotten many great reviews. It took a while to get here from CA to FL and when it arrived it didn't work.

I emailed Quality Macs on Sunday and on Monday got a call from them. They were just as intent on resolving the problem as I was.


Because of their substantial inventory I was able to find another that was basically the same and they expedited getting the new unit to me making everything simple and straightforward. The new unit was everything that I expected and I was up and running in no time flat. I can't stress enough how easy it was to work with them. I highly recommend Quality Macs and the Core i7 Mini.

I've been using Macs for more than 15 years and this is the best one yet.

Mac Mini goes Sandy Bridge: Specs, details and our thoughts

I was very please with the sale… The very skeptical about buying a due to the low prices seem to be and I will use slightly miss lead when I Saulet to GB hard drive steer just the standard rpm. Apple Mac Mini. This Mac Mini is in good shape and runs great! OS X You can even recover some precious desk space with this Mini masterpiece.

The Mini is a standalone desktop unit with a tiny physical footprint and a sleek, aluminum design.

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  • Mac mini Server (Mid ) | Low End Mac.

It reduces desk clutter and distractions. If you are the type who prefers to keep visual noise to a minimum, this tiny Mac powerhouse is just the thing. The rear panel of this Mac from Apple boasts an array of ports and jacks that allow you to plug in a wide variety of peripheral devices.

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This energy-efficient desktop Mini is the ideal space-saving option for home computing.