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Samantha Twelvetrees is a female archaeologist with a little more flair, but not enough to really keep things interesting. The first involves distracting a scrap metal obsessed vagrant by taking an army helmet and chucking it on a rooftop.

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In order to infiltrate an ancient society of monks, you need a ring which signifies years of dedication and study. The most difficult one involves trying to swindle an emerald lodged inside of an incredibly complicated, Rube Goldberg-esque bit of machinery.

It requires an expansive, multi-step solution, resulting in several attempts of trial and error to fiddle with it until you finally pop it loose. The Riddle of Master Lu is one of those games that works brilliantly as a travel advertisement.

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The visuals are easily the best part of it, and it really is quite fascinating to explore the ancient secrets hidden within these mystical lands. There was a sequel planned, to be subtitled The Siberian Cipher and focusing on the Tunguska explosion, but was scrapped due to the sale of Sanctuary Woods to Disney.

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