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PC vs. Mac: The Debate Becomes Less Contentious

The new iMac is packing with 8th- and 9th-generation desktop-class processors, letting this stylish all-in-one reach that fabled 8-core performance. Read the full review: iMac inch, The biggest issue with the older MacBook Pro was that it was still packing Kaby Lake processors while its rivals had moved ahead. Luckily, the MacBook Pro changes everything, making it more powerful than ever. Professionals and creatives need something that can handle any workload they can possibly throw at it.

Not only does it have a vibrant inch 5K display with a P3 wide color gamut, but it also boasts the most powerful hardware Apple could get its hands on.

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Read the full review: iMac Pro. CPU: 1.

How to install macOS on a PC

Apple takes the MacBook Air and gives it a bit of refresh, adding True Tone technology to its display and an even more reliable keyboard. However, to be fair to this refresh, the version has already made our list, so this improved version is just as deserving or more so.

Read the full review: MacBook Air While Apple has officially taken the MacBook out of its MacBook lineup, many third parties are still carry it. It can support basically everything under the sun with its Thunderbolt 3 port, anyway. Read the full review: Apple MacBook Back to School Sometimes Windows OS updates feature minor improvements too, but other times Windows decides to do something completely different and terrible, like Vista an OS everyone hated or Windows 8 an OS no one understood.

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An easy way to give your staff especially your tech pros flexibility is to allow them to install their own OS on their work PCs. Once installed, Ubuntu functions much like any other OS, and it is relatively intuitive and user-friendly.

Mac vs PC - Which Is Better?

It's also easy to install it yourself, thanks to Ubuntu's extensive online training materials. Even if this rumor doesn't come to fruition, the Pixelbook and other standout business Chromebooks deserve consideration when you're shopping for a business device. These machines tend to last longer on a charge than their PC counterparts, and they tend to be inexpensive, due in part to a lack of storage space.

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Chromebooks are meant to run web applications rather than downloaded software. As more storage moves to the cloud, SaaS continues to spread, and downloading software becomes a less frequent occurrence, it's possible Chromebooks will naturally take over. She has a B. Mona began freelance writing full-time in and joined the Business.

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Handling Mac and PC employee preferences

Grow Your Business Technology. Alternative operating systems An easy way to give your staff especially your tech pros flexibility is to allow them to install their own OS on their work PCs.