Mac os x disk usage treemap

There are several apps for disk space management for OS X. We have selected our two favorites for this presentation. If you prefer treemaps and want to check hard disk usage on your Mac, Disk Inventory X is your software!

The disk usage utility works on Mac OS X The software will scan your disks and displays disk space usage on a sunburst map. The app is cheap and fast and presents all folders and files in an interactive map. Large files can be identified, checked, and if required deleted.

The freeware GrandPerspective uses a treemap to visualize disk space usage. Thanks to the visualization, users can easily see which files and folders take up large amount of disk space.

Free Up Disk Space

If you do not require a visualization of disk space, you can use it to clean up your hard disk. If the disk is big, it's slower than on a little one, and of course, on an SSD it is really fast. Although it is from , I think it isn't bad coded, and it still works on my It gives more info than you need, but you can ignore that, as long as you find what you need. I guess what takes time is the reading of the disc, an app without the details of kind of info won't, as far as I think, really take much less. I am using it for ages now, there was a time in Mavericks it didn't work, now it goes well.

How much does it cost?

I haven't tried GrandPerspective, it seems to make the same with more alternatives which you anyhow don't seem to need , but is fresher. In different tabs it shows you the largest apps installed, as well as a folder viewer with their sizes listed.


A special tab shows the largest files over all of your folders, which I find very practical. You can find more information here. I can heartily recommend ncdu if you're looking for a text ncurses based alternative. One of the fastest I've found.

Mac Disk Usage - Check Disk Space on MacBook Pro

Daisy Disk seems to be faster, but costs money. This process will always take longer than you want, though I don't think OSX allows access to disk index files. You can try one of the Linux based tools, such as PhileSight and see what happens too.

3 of the Best Disk Space Analyzers for Mac OS X

Will be alot quicker if it works. Step 1: Open Finder Step 2: Check the box next to Calculate all sizes.

The top alternative according to alternativeTo as well as my own sample usage is JDiskReport. The thing I liked most about it is that it shows a clear status of the ongoing scan, as well as a time estimate for when it is expected to finish. The others I tried at best just show a "spinny" and you have no idea if the program is stuck or what.

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By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Are there any modern and faster alternatives? The speed is primarily a function of disc size, number of files and disc speed. If, for instance, it was badly coded, of course there might be faster alternatives. How can you know it is state-of-the-art? Feb 9 '13 at Edited to point out I only care about disk space and not the other fancy stuff.

‎Disk Map: Visualize Disk Usage on the Mac App Store

I didn't say it's state of the art. But traversing a filesystem and gathering statistics is bound to be slow due to hardware effects. And whether the application just reads file sizes or also the other stuff doesn't really matter. But let's see whether somebody comes up with answers. Orders of magnitude faster than Disk Inventory X, it would be great if not for some quirks, such as not being able to right click the files to either open in finder or send them to the bin: Still much better, though.

I reiterate: Oct 13 '13 at 9: Without the tree map it is impossible to find large files in otherwise small folders simply by scanning the image for large rectangles.

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