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Bde bonus mac miller soundcloud music - Produced by ID Pas. Amie Best Day Ever. Bde Si. Mac Voyage. Mac Mi.

Mac Si. Mac Amigo. Produced by ID Pas. Mac Miller. Music Videos. Get more of the music you love. BDE Bonus. Taking quotes from various rap songs about specific spots in NYC, Jay Shell then posted those quotes as signs around the city in the exact locations mentioned. Check out the video after the playlist. Before we even get to New York though, we have to travel through Chicago. I and Blu reveal their struggles with faith. Our next two tracks may have the illest beats to be featured on here this week.

What originally sold me on the track is the incredible lyrics video , which is definitely a must watch. I hope you guys enjoyed the third edition of The Hip-Hop Dojo.

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As always, send all submissions and suggestions over to baseer themusicninja. Mac Miller recruits one half of Mobb Deep for his latest offering. Prodigy and Mac both flex their lyrical dexterity as they detail their accounts of a convenience store robbery, making this one of the more clever and mature Mac Miller tracks to date.

Prodigy prod. Ab-Soul Prod. Grab this free gem below and expect this to be a special year for hip-hop. Mac Miller has been keeping his buzz steady on the interwebs with each newly leaked track. This chill, laid-back tune is not only enticing with its haunting background vocals and smooth drum rip, but definitely unexpected from the usually turnt-up rapper Flocka. If you like Lil Wayne and Mac Miller, you definitely aren't a hip hop fan.

Mac Miller | The Music Ninja - Part 3

That Don't take it personal was seriously dope, and reminded of that old NY sound. Not a fan of how poppy and bubblegum a lot of the poplar rappers sound now a days. The other stuff from Jabrill isn't nearly as good. Kind of like Jack Kennedy, this type of rap isn't really for me.

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I am an old school boom bap type of guy so a lot of these new rappers do absolutely nothing for me. I hope Jabrill and Jack the best though, just not loving the music. Bangkok Soiree. Just an FYI for those of you not hip to the way that Soundcloud works The other songs are just one's that he has liked and shared on his page. I am still a Jabrill fan when it comes to football at least. I'll admit it sounds like a lot of "radio rap", but it's just awful.

I am admittidly a snobby "underground hip-hop head"..

This is brutally bad, but fits right in with what he's going for, I guess. Michology I wish him the best, but success in music is all about who you meet, who you know, and who you are, and not necessarily the quality of your music.

Mac Miller Type Beat "These Days"(Prod By D_VNTE)

If Jabrill was a bigger music name and had the right connections, that song could possibly be a big hit. Log in or register to post comments.