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The only differences are in the names of the items that appear in the pop-up menu and the name of the zip file that is created.

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Select the items you want to include in the zip file. Shift-click to select a range of files or Command-click to select nonadjacent items. This time, the word Compress is followed by the number of items you selected, such as Compress 5 Items. When the compression is finished, the items are stored in a file called Archive. If you already have an item in that folder named Archive. For example, you could have Archive.

Keka - the macOS file archiver

One curious aspect of the numbering system is that if you delete the Archive. For example, if you compress three groups of multiple items in a folder, you end up with files called Archive. If you delete the zip files from the folder, and then zip another group of items, the new file is named Archive 4. Unzipping a file or folder couldn't be easier.

Double-click the zip file , and the file or folder decompresses in the same folder as the compressed file. If the item you are decompressing contains a single file, the new decompressed item has the same name as the original file.

If a file with the same name is already present in the current folder, the decompressed file has a number appended to its name. When a zip file contains multiple items, the unzipped files are stored in a folder that has the same name as the zip file. For example, if you unzip a file called Archive.

This folder is located in the same folder as the Archive. If the folder already contains a folder called Archive, a number is appended to the new folder, such as Archive 2. If you want more file compression features than Apple offers in its Archive Utility, third-party apps are available. They include:. Share Pin Email.

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How to ZIP (Compress) Files on a Mac

Updated October 29, For example, if you created a folder named "Q2Results" to archive in your Documents folder, you need to navigate to the Documents folder. Enter the following command into the command line and click "Enter. Chris Daniels covers advances in nutrition and fitness online.

Apps to Unarchive/Archive Files on Mac

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Skip to main content. Existing Zip File 1. New Zip File 1. Move the files you wish to archive into a ZIP file into this folder.

Open the Terminal application. Warnings Multipart ZIP archives require all parts to open correctly. If a file is already in a compressed format, it's possible that creating a ZIP from it would not further compress it.

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