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Softonic review Money Manager Ex is an open source personal finance app that makes managing your money a breeze. The Intuitive Money Manager Thanks to a clearly laid out design, the developers of Money Manager Ex have produced something that is easy to use and which users will return to regularly.

Be a Financial Whizz Offering pie charts and bar graphs, Money Manager Ex really makes it possible to visualise your money in a whole new way. Microsoft Office Your favorite Office Suites in a bundle. Celtx Script Celtx Script is like a virtual video planning assistant. Download Money Manager Ex 1 for Mac.

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Free Download for Mac. User reviews about Money Manager Ex Review. Wireless Key Generator. Email us at support jumsoft.

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Not to mention some initial reviews looked discouraging. Before this I had another popular! We have a family account so it would be great to be able for us both to manage it we use different Apple ID accounts.

Overall, solid five stars from a happy user! Keep it up! My main problem with most finance trackers is that I get hyped to use them for a while until I forget to record one transaction, then another, and then I quit after a while. I love it so far: transactions are downloaded automatically every day and I no longer have to concern myself about remembering to record my expenses everywhere I go.

If only they'd come up with something to also keep track of cash in my pocket automatically :- All things considered - great app: lovely design, easy to use, very useful budgets! I was looking to replace another software package that I was using. I was even willing to deal with the fact that I can't share management with my spouse without being on the same device.

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Initially, it kept crashing, even after an update was pushed out stating it was supposed to fix the crashing. The automatic download for accounts is buggy. You need to be able to turn off the icon for the payee aspect. You have to use a time to order the transactions instead of just dragging them. The worst part of the application is the budgeting system.


With other budgeting apps I used, an expenses and returns from a category is simple. What's "Free" is the trial period of a month. At the end of that time, the user's Apple account is automatically charged for a one year subscription to Money Premium. At the end of that year, renewal is also automatic. However, other options are available at different prices. Like 2.

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After checking out the website their is no mention of Bill Pay as part of the program. I am of the opinion, given current technology, that to purchase a personal financial program that includes bank connections for downloading transactions without providing Bill Pay is a waste of time and money. One of my favorite apps of all time. I've been with Money since and always loved its simple and easy to use approach for conveniently recording your cash flows and having a record on hand for reference.

Money 5 seems to have taken this approach further and improved pretty much every single area of the app.

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  8. I actually spend less time in it now not because I don't like to, but because I don't have to - they really nailed Apple's "it just works" concept. Their direct connection to banks is a life saver for a serial procrastinator like me: my only wish is that they would bring this feature to their iOS app - my phone goes everywhere with me, so it would be much more convenient to have my transactions downloaded directly into Money on my phone, instead of having to open the Mac app for this.

    Their blog says direct bank connection is coming to iOS in the near future so hopefully they stick to their promise. Meanwhile, iCloud synchronization works like a charm, so anything it downloads immediately visible on my phone.

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    Kudos to JumSoft for making such a great app! Offers some of the best sync experience between devices unlike other accounting products which seem to only sync when they feel like it. Design is very beautiful and super user friendly with all the important features underneath. Supports a large list of banks for automatic connection. Like 3.