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When you take one AirPod out, your audio will pause, and when you take both out, it stops altogether. Here are a few more things you should know about how your AirPods work:.

Renaming a Magic Mouse in Mac OS

You can adjust the volume on your AirPods by asking Siri to do it, or by turning the volume up or down on the device on which you're listening to music or other. If you own a pair of AirPods 2, you won't have to double-tap your earbud to summon Siri, although that option is still available. For example, to choose your AirPods for audio output on your iPhone:. If you've gotten used to tapping your AirPods and want to keep using this gesture, though, they all still work with the AirPods 2.

We went over how to answer or hang up a call using the double tap above, but you have several other options for how to configure your AirPods so they'll respond differently to the double tap. Using the same steps you took to arrive at the double-tap shortcut options, you can also choose to enable or disable automatic ear detection. From here you'll be taken to this screen:. Toggle Automatic Ear Detection off if you don't want audio to switch from your paired device to your AirPods whenever you put one or both AirPods in your ears. You can also adjust your AirPod's microphone settings from this same page.

How to change your Mac's Bluetooth name - Macworld UK

Tap on Microphone underneath Automatic Ear Detection, and you'll see this screen:. The automatic option allows your microphone to remain functional even if you're only using one AirPod. If you see a green dot next to your AirPods in the device list, as in the image above, it means that they're charged and in range. To turn this on:. If your AirPods come back within range or if they're charged, you'll receive a notification on your paired device.

Apple's original AirPods last a fairly long time per charge; two hours of talk time or five hours of listening.

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Even better, if you've fully charged your AirPods case, you'll be able to talk for up to 11 hours and listen for up to 24 as long as your recharge the AirPods in the case. The second-generation AirPods can last even longer between charges; three hours of talk time, five hours of listening time, and a more than 24 hour battery life with a fully-charged battery case! How do you know your AirPods need a charge?

To check with one of your iOS devices:. It's easy to tell at a glance if your AirPods case needs a charge.

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If your AirPods are inside their case with the lid open, the status light will indicate the charge level of your earbuds rather than the charging case. Again, green indicates a full charge and amber means that your AirPods need to be topped off.

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If your AirPods batteries are depleted, you'll hear a tone in one or both earbuds indicating that your batteries are low. If you don't charge after that, you'll hear one more tone before your AirPods shut down.

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To control call volume, use the volume controls on your phone. Your earphones are automatically kept up to date when they're set up with an iPhone using iOS Search Beats No results found. Solo Pro. Beats Studio 3 Wireless. Beats Solo 3 Wireless.

Beats EP. Beats Pro. Powerbeats Pro. Beats x. Powerbeats 3 Wireless. Here's everything you need to know to make the most of your Beats X earphones. Turn on The power button is on the cable beneath the right earphone. Set up If the indicator light on your earphones turns on but doesn't flash, your earphones have already been set up with a device.

Hold your earphones next to your unlocked iPhone.

How to Change Your Mac Computer's Bluetooth Name

Press the power button on your earphones for 1 second. After a few seconds, your iPhone asks you to connect. If it doesn't, press the power button on your earphones for 5 seconds.

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Follow the instructions on your iPhone. If you have some other Bluetooth device, follow these steps to pair your earphones with that device: Press the power button for 5 seconds. When the indicator light flashes, your earphones are discoverable. Go to Bluetooth settings on your device. Select your earphones from the list of discovered Bluetooth devices.

Change the name of a Bluetooth accessory

Connect to a different device Your earphones automatically reconnect to the last device you used with them. Swipe to the side in Control Center to show the Now Playing card. Tap the device name on the bottom of the card, then choose your earphones from the list of playback devices. If you don't see your earphones, follow the steps for all other devices, below. All other devices: Go to Bluetooth settings on your device. On your Mac, you can just click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar.