Hinh anh chung minh thu mac chuoc

Maymam says: Chao trug tam be nha mih luc moi sah bi thieu oxi len nao va bi co giat… nhug dc cap cuu kip thoi va dag trog tih trag hoinphuc suc khoe… nhug hien nay be nha mih dc hon 8thag roi ma chi lat dc co 1 ben thah thao con ben kia thi lau lau may lat 1 lan… cam nam do vat thi chua cug lam, van chua biet truog,bo va ngoi nua…be cug lih hoat biet me cha va nhan ra ng la… cho ngoi len xe tap di thi be k chi di,,, lau lau thi lui dc vai buoc, hay co tih so hay, dih nach cho be di thi be co nhug nhay,,,phan duoi thi co luc,,, nhug tren chan tay thi be chua be cach hoat dog theo y cua mih… trug tam cho mih y kien voi ak.

Ha thi huong says: Chj oi con chj dk bnhju tuoi thi dj dieu tri. Thao says: Bsi oi cho e hoi con e nay dk 3 thang 10 ngay. Nguyen Doan says: Cho minh hoi chi phi dieu tri nhu nao a.

Thay đổi thông tin CMND của giám đốc có phải đổi đăng ký kinh doanh?

Co dc dung bhxh ko. Nguyen Doan says: Cho e hoi chi phi het bao nhieu a? E cung muon cho chau den tap phcn a. Em ten tran van thanh. Cho em hoi neu nhu lu hon thi e co quyen nuoi con khong? Ban than em chi co Mot Minh khong co cha me, anh chi. Ba con thi o rat xa. E sinh nam hien tai e co mot dua con sinh nam Nay csog hon nhan cua e k dc hoan thien hp k con nua e muon dua don xin ly hon.

Tai san chung cua 2 vc deu do chong e dung ten. E mupn dc nioi con va chia doi tai san cua minh. Bon e ket hon dk 5nam ,bon e da co dua con trai gan 3tuoi.

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E lay ck nam va da co 1 dua con dk 2 tuoi va jo e co bau dk 2 thang. E co chong dc 1 nam va co 1 Be dc tuoi. Em ten huong em o tinh phu tho hien gjo em dag song chug voi me chong vo chong em ket hon da duoc 4 nam va chua co con chug em song voi nhau thuong hay say gja caj nhau va ko co chung tieng noi mau thuan gjua ho mac dat nhjeu em mog luat su tu van giup em SO djen thoaj cua em la mong luat su tu van giup em em xin cam on.

E ket hon d 4 nam va Hien tai co 2 be trai. E lay vo o binh phuoc. Va co nhap ho khau o nha vo. Nhung bay jo e muon ly hon khong tranh chap tai san. Hien tai e dang lam viec o sai gon nen e muon lam thu tuc ly hon nhu the nao. Vi truoc day e khong co dieu kien nuoi con nen e da de con cho nha ngoai nuoi.

Nhung gio da co du dieu kien thi e muon nuoi con duoc khong. Con e duoc 5 tuoi. E va chong da dang ky ket hon den nay duoc 3 nam,va da co 1mat con. Vo chong em ket hon duoc 4 nam va co 2 con 3 tuoi va 5 thang nhung do chong em co bac no nan va khong co trach nhiem voi con cai nen danh ly hon. Vay cho em hoi neu vay thi em co duoc nuoi hai con khong a. Toi ket hon nam gio co 3dua con. Con ve tai san toi khong tranh chap gi het.

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I also like to eat out and I usually go to a restaurant for dinner with my family twice a month. Our favorite restaurant is a traditional restaurant in Hang Bong street. It is not big but it is always busy. There are only a few tables in the restaurant and on each table is a vase with lovely flowers. There are plants in the room corners. I usually order the traditional dishes and eat them with rice. For example, fish cooked with sauce, spring roll, The food is delicious so we enjoy it very much.

The service is also quick and friendly. My family always have pleasant evening at our favorite restaurant. Thank you for our class' photo you sent me a few days ago. I was so glad to write for you and tell you about my feeling after I receive it. That photograph made me remember my old teacher who taught us high school. She is slim with along hair and blue eyes. Do you remember her? Our English teacher, her name is Sara. I can't forget that days when she played game with us in each class and we sang Animal songs together. I also remember that She was very sad when our class didn't do homework and we felt so guilty with her.

Then we studied English hard to fix our mistakes and she was so happy. But now she doesn't still teach English in Vietnam. Ha, our classmates said she came back England with her husband. I hope she would come to Vietnam, I will meet her because I miss her so much. What about you? What do you think about her?

Have you ever had the old teacher who made you unforgettable? Exercise 4: You went to a party last week, didn't you? Did you have a good time there? Tell me about that party. How are you?

Chính sách về Quyền riêng tư

I hear that you are going to travel with your family next week. I wish you will have a good time. Last weekend I went to the party arranged to congratulate Lan. She won competition in her office. That night we had a good time. The party was arranged at Lan's house. Her mother and sister helped to us to prepare interesting dinner.

We want to make her surprised.

There were many people to join this party and maybe you know some of them. After good meal, we talked and listened romantic songs and danced together. We had interesting and unforgettable night with friends.

Áo dài Việt Nam - Đi qua thăng trầm

Are you going to next Friday? Don't forget to send me some postcards from places where you will come. Exercise 5: Can you describe the weather in your country?

What's the weather like at the moment? What outdoor activities are you able to do at this time of year? It is so wet here. I am writing to tell you about the weather in my country. In my country, it is in spring with high humidity. My country is a tropical monsoon climate.

Broadly speaking, the weather in Vietnam is featured by two monsoon seasons the southwest monsoon from April to September and the northeast monsoon from October to late March or early April. Moreover, the northeast monsoon effects bring lower temperatures to my city, Hanoi and all days in Hanoi is in rain. In fact, I am fed up with rainy day because I can't go out to shopping with my friend. Only thing I can do in these days is writing letter for you and tell you about the terrible weather here.

All my clothes can't be dry and the way I go to school every day is daubed with mud. Thanks for your letter. I am so happy because you always miss and think of me. Now, I am working as a teacher in the military academy logistics. I start my working day at 7 pm every morning and finish it at 5 pm. You know I love this job, right?

It has been my dream to become a good teacher for such a long time. I like my job because I can use my ability and knowledge to finish my work the best. Moreover, I can study valuable experience from colleagues not only about work but also about life. Now every day is wonderful day with me. And you, your job is very interesting, isn't it? Let you tell me about it in the next letter. Exercise 6: Could you give me some advice?